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My name is Eva Álvarez and I am Photographer-Filmmaker and Environmental Scientist.

I was born in Barcelona, where I graduated from the University of French Linguistics and earned a Erasmus Scholarship in York, England.

Living in Paris and London when I came back, I graduated with sucess in the High School of Photography.
During the last years in the School my interest in Art and Design started to grow.

My career as Photographer started in Barcelona, working in the renamed spanish newspaper "La Vanguardia", then I started to work for national magazines and advertisings companies.

I worked as producer as well making interesting and important productions like:
Adidas Watches, VW Passat, Vanity Fair USA (with Annie Leibovitz)...
I also worked like graphic publising in some magazines and then like Photographer Coordinator in Design magazine.

Finally I have my own studio as free-lance photographer, whether photographing Fashion, Advertising, Portraits, or Interiors.
Working for Magazines and Advertising Companies like:

Nike, ABC, Estrella Damm, La Vanguardia, Interiores, Playboy, Mujer 21, Habitania, El Mueble, Sforç, Jessica Palazzo, Ozono, Ubicat, Vinizius, Blawcel, Vale, Danzatoria, Pacha, Proximity Life, Deseostrategy, Grupactiva, Tangent, Leading Edge, Odisea, RBA, La Agencia, Smint, Dior, Gaudí, Jovenext, Superpop, Monoclab, Spend in, Inside Bcn, Bongo, Touch Works, Gerard Darel, Antonelli, Unity Watches, Igansi Terraza, Ontime Magazine, Burana, Primer Impacto, Dsantos, Un posto al sole, Elena Comunicación, Murivecchi, Plata de Palo, Boujis Barcelona, Sutton, Bequer, CDCL, Lycra, Vyrtucom, Enzoriva, Miah Management, CCB, Cinesa....

I graduated also like Environmental Scientist in the UNED University, and I have created an Environmental and Awareness Platform, called: "Hanan-Pacha", generating awareness and environmental education, researching the relantionship between the human being and the environment.